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Allow us to be your trusted guides attending to every detail of your destination wedding planning, especially from afar. With our sight unseen approach, we will tailor every aspect to perfectly match your needs and desires.

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As a destination wedding planner in Paris, I bring my benevolent and fun-loving personality to create unforgettable experiences. I genuinely listen and prioritize your needs, ensuring you can rely on me every step of the way. With meticulous attention to detail and a touch of humor, I handle logistics and curate a wedding that reflects your unique story. Trust me to be your dedicated partner, infusing joy and reliability into the planning process, so you can relax and enjoy your special day in the magical city of Paris. Our mission is to transform your dream wedding into a breathtaking reality.

With our expert guidance and local knowledge, we curate unforgettable experiences that capture the essence of romance and elegance in the City of Love. From selecting the perfect venues and vendors to handling logistics and creating bespoke itineraries, we handle every intricate detail to ensure a seamless and enchanting wedding celebration. Whether you envision a classic Parisian affair or a unique fusion of cultures, we bring your vision to life, crafting an extraordinary event that reflects your love story and creates cherished memories for a lifetime. Trust us to be your dedicated partner, providing impeccable service and a personalized approach to create the destination wedding of your dreams in the magical city of Paris.

About Us
Mel Up Events Wedding Planner

Experienced Destination Wedding Planner with over 10 years of expertise in the events industry. French native specializing in crafting exceptional wedding experiences in Paris for all couples seeking to tie the knot in the City of Love. With a deep understanding of Parisian culture, I curate unforgettable celebrations which combines the romance and the elegance of this iconic city.

  • 10 Years of Expertise in the events industry

  • Native French speaker, fluent in English and Spanish

  • Located in Paris - Expert in French Culture

  • Unrivaled network of Top-Tier Vendors

  • Passionate in creating Unforgettable Parisian Experiences

Mélanie Bintein
Destination Wedding Planner in Paris
. Mel Up - Wedding Planner -
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Ready to mark your calendars and prepare to embark on a journey of love and enchantment in the captivating city of Paris ? As your dedicated destination wedding planner, I am thrilled to unveil the dates and venues for where I stand on next weddings for the upcoming season !

Last Weddings

Château de Lesigny
JULY 2023


Château d'Ermenonville
July : 2023


Domaine de Blanche Fleur
July : 2023


Cruise on the seine
September : 2023


Château de Champlatreux
October : 2023

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Next Weddings

Château de Champlatreux
October : 2023


Château de Champlatreux


Château Laverdines
APRIL 2024


Château de Santeny
MAY 2024


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Your love story deserves a chapter of its own. We're thrilled to showcase our past and upcoming weddings, and we can't wait to add yours to the list! If you're dreaming of a destination wedding in Paris, it's time to make your vision a reality. Get in touch with us to start crafting your own magical love story

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