Champlatreux : the ideal French Castle for your wedding

Castle of Champlatreux

I have been working as an Event & Wedding Planner for nearly 15 years, and I have been able to organize weddings & events in many different places. Today I would like to tell you about a place that I particularly like. I already had the opportunity to organize 3 weddings there and others are coming. This is the castle of Champlatreux. It’s an exceptional wedding venue located only 30 minutes from Paris.

The castle and his history

Champlatreux Castle has a rich history, with its origins dating back to the construction of the first castle on its grounds. Sadly, this initial structure fell victim to fire in 1750. It was in 1751 that Mathieu-François Molé, president of the Parisian parliament, commissioned the construction of the present-day castle, characterized by its sturdy rock architecture. A testament to his legacy, Molé’s statue now graces the vestibule of the estate. Surrounding the castle lies 50 hectares of meticulously landscaped grounds, curated by Jean-Marie Morel, adding to the estate’s grandeur and charm.

Throughout the 19th century, Champlatreux Castle served as the idyllic country retreat for the Molé family. However, a new chapter unfolded when ownership transitioned to the Noailles family, who maintain possession to this day.

Recognized for its historical significance, the castle earned the prestigious status of a historic monument in 1989. Today, its doors are open to visitors for various events, including weddings. Should you desire, the castle offers the enchanting backdrop for your special day..

Castle of Champlatreux
Castle of Champlatreux

The different spaces

The castle of Champlatreux presents many modular spaces in different ways for your wedding. 

Upon entering the castle, the grandeur unfolds with the vestibule, adorned by the majestic statue of Mathieu Molé, offering an ideal setting for your welcome cocktail.

To the right lies the Billiard Room (“Salon Billard”), perfectly suited for an intimate dinner of 60 guests or a lively dancing soirée. Further along, the expansive living room awaits (“The Ballroom”), capable of hosting up to 150 seated guests for dinner, dancing, or even a Ceremony in case of inclement weather.

Outside, the castle’s grounds span 50 hectares, providing endless possibilities. The park’s fountain offers a picturesque backdrop for your wedding ceremony, while the outdoor spaces are ideal for cocktails, dinner, or part of your evening festivities.

Additional spaces within the castle include the serene blue lounge (“Salon Bleu”), providing the Bride a tranquil sanctuary for preparation.

Meanwhile, the closerie, just a 5-minute stroll from the castle, offers accommodation for the couple and their guests, ensuring a seamless celebration from start to finish.

Castle of Champlatreux
Portfolio Roudha & Mayed - Champlatreux
Portfolio Roudha & Mayed - Champlatreux

My experience in Champlatreux

In conclusion, Champlatreux Castle encapsulates a timeless elegance, blending historical significance with modern amenities to create an enchanting setting for your special day. 

My personal experience within its walls was nothing short of magical, as every detail, from the majestic interiors to the sprawling grounds, exudes an aura of romance and sophistication. 

Take a glimpse into the unforgettable weddings of Kali & Casey and Roudha & Mayed, celebrated within these historic walls.

Whether you envision an intimate gathering or a lavish celebration, this castle offers the perfect backdrop to realize your wedding dreams. Don’t miss the opportunity to create lasting memories at Champlatreux Castle. 

Contact me today to begin planning your own extraordinary wedding experience there!